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All of a sudden... BITING!!

My 10 month old just started biting the night before last... HARD!!  Like, I was surprised that I had a nipple after I pulled him off.  It made me involuntarily tear up!!

I was so surprised.  It was after our bath right before bed time, so our last feeding of the evening before bed.  And then he wouldn't stop biting.

Now he bites me every feeding.  At different times during the bf'ing session.  I don't know what to do.  Yelling in pain only makes him laugh.   

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Re: All of a sudden... BITING!!

  • DD has bitten me a few times. I unlatch her and say no, which she doesn't like and starts crying.  it usually happens when she is at the end of hte session so I try to watch and see if she's done to unlatch her before she has a chance. There is some info on biting at kellymom. 

     DD only has 1 tooth but it is sharp!

  • DS did this too.  I would tell him no, (which only made him laugh) and unlatch him.  He only bit me for a week or so, then stopped.  It was a looooooong week!
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