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How do you build a stash of breast milk?

I can barely keep up with my LO, so how do I build up a supply for the freezer?  I just tried pumping on one side while she fed on the other, but it seems like my pump isn't as efficient when I only use it on one side. 

I work from home, but I travel some.  I return to work in January and I have to be gone from early morning until late at night one day during the first week.  I want to make sure I have enough milk stashed.  I know I can use formula if we have to, but I want to try storing breast milk first.  I would love to hear any advice.

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Re: How do you build a stash of breast milk?

  • While I was on maternity leave I would pump after her mid morning feeding and freeze that.  At first I would only pump less than an ounce, but after a week or so I could get 2-4 ounces. 

    In order to make your body to make more milk, you need to signal it to, by pumping. 

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  • Pump at the same time everyday. Best to pump in the morning because that is when your supply is the highest.
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  • I'm no expert, as I just started this, but my LC told me to pump after 10 a.m. and again late at night for 15 minutes each. I don't get much yet, but as time goes on, I expect to get more.

    She suggested I pour what I get into ice cube trays and freeze, then once I get 4 cubes, transfer them into bags and date the bags with a sticker (so the ink doesn't leak through the bag) and freeze. Thaw as needed. 

    I don't know if this will work, but it is the plan I will start out with. 

  • I would pump after DD's 3am feeding and 6am feeding.  That way LO got to nurse and then I would pump, which would signal my body to continue making more milk.  

    Also, breastmilk has a natural ebb and flow.  It tends to be most abumdant in the morning and lessens throughout the day.  If you could pump more in the morning, that might help.  GL!  

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