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TTC After a Loss

*|*| Nightly Confessions |*|*

I'm taking over Nightly Confessions for a&b=him&me.

So what do you need to confess tonight?

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Re: *|*| Nightly Confessions |*|*

  • I don't usually get MF, but boy do I have it this cycle.  It's too early to be real, so I am quite disgusted with my body right now.....
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  • All I want to do tonight is bump and lay in bed. So far, so good.
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  • I have no patience for some of the complaining that I see on other boards about their pregnancy symptoms. I want to be like "look some people would be fine throwing up all da*n day if they could be in your position." Im a grumpy, bitter person today!
  • image ZZsmommy:
    I don't usually get MF, but boy do I have it this cycle.  It's too early to be real, so I am quite disgusted with my body right now.....
    I actually feel ya on this! And what is crazier....we are actively trying to NOT get pregnant and yet I find myself analyzing everything. But as for what I'm up to? Just cuddling with the worlds sweetest chocolate lab puppy! I love when he is sleepy! He is a mama's boy!

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  • I'm in the process of pulling out my xmas decorations. I really didn't feel like getting into the holiday spirit seeing as how I feel like sh!t. Then I realized that I need to "fake it, 'til I make it." I'm going to decorate the crap out of this place until it brings me some joy.

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  • I've given up on cooking for myself since DH is gone. I've at Stoffers Chicken a La King for a week now.
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  • This absolutely cracked me up and got me out of my "I'm a flabtastic failure" mood.  Thank you.  I hope you are both able to get your decorations on to the point it looks like Santa exploded in your house! 

    ETA: I failed to hit "quote" I was laughing so hard at lissasue3's post (above) to which this is inteded to refer.


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  • Lorlei, thanks for taking the flag on the nightly confessions!

    I have been completely nonfunctional at work this afternoon.  Spent too much time catching up on posts and throwing myself a little Personal Pity Party.  Now I need to do some work so I can go home and see what mess the contractors have left in our kitchen today.


    BFP #1 5/2010 - Missed m/c at 8 weeks
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  • I did this stupid "which deadly sin are you?" quiz on FB... I got Wrath. My friends at work were laughing about it today but yeah... its true. I've always been a slightly angry person but 2 losses in 6 months has pretty much brought it all out in me and I'm green with envy over all the new babies I see everywhere I go. Seriously they've multiplied, I've never seen so many out and about.
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  • Yesterday it was so nice outside so I totally blew off laundry and getting Christmas decorations up. Well I have the laundry done and want to put up the lights outside but it is raining. Ughh. So now I am kicking myself cause I should have done it yesterday. LOL.
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  • I confess that I sporadically peek in at my former month board (July '11).    Looking forward to the day that I can complain about m/s and such. 

    I also have to confess that I'm really really glad my DH is no longer on the ship he was on a few months ago.  His former ship left this week for a deployment.  My heart is going out to those that had to kiss their loved one goodbye.  Watching them sail away and not knowing where they are going and when you'll be together again...its hard. 

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  • This is supposed to be our first cycle trying again, but we aren't doing a great job of trying too hard.  I would love to lose about 10 lbs before getting pg again so I'm not putting in a whole lot of effort this cycle.  I will admit that "trying but not really trying" has been fun.

  • My confession is that my laundry pile keeps growing and growing.  It's now purged itself out of the baskets and is all over the laundry room floor.  When people come over I just close the door.  I think I'll get to it someday when I run out of socks.
  • I'm snarly and surly and cranky. I'm also eating ice cream and drinking.
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  • This sinus infection/flu...whatever it is-is driving me crazy.

    Seriously, I love food. And NOT being able to taste it makes me upset.


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  • I hate that I've been so cranky since our second loss, especially at dh. I have been trying to be better about it.


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