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Help with pumping?

Will a lactation consultant help you with pumping?  I haven't really successfully pumped yet (the last time I tried was about 2 months ago), and I'm going to have to soon when I start back at the office, and I'm scurred!

Re: Help with pumping?

  • My LC was also a medela rep, so yes she was able to help make sure I had the right size flanges (horns) and give tips.   it gets easier the more you do it. If it hurts, you are turning the suction up too high or the flanges are probably the wrong size.
  • The LC at the hosptail I gave birth too will help with anything. The hospial has a breastfeeding support group and a hotline you can call with questions and they will return your calls within 24 hours. I would give them a call & they shouldn't have a problem helping you.


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