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I feel like my supply is tanking

and it worries me because I go back to work on Monday.  I've typically been able to get 5+ ounces in the morning after feeding her but the last 2 days it has been 2 ounces or less after feeding her.

 She has been eating for longer it seems but ends up satisfied and asleep.

I'm trying to up my water intake.  I'd already been eating oatmeal each morning.

Other ideas?

Re: I feel like my supply is tanking

  • She could be having a growth spurt and eating more than normal.  Because you can't see exactly how many ounces she's taking in while nursing you just never know if she's eating those "missing" three ounces, KWIM? 

    This is one of the many reasons why pumping will drive you crazy. :-)  Unless you are an EP'er, you can't judge supply by what you pump.  The fact that you're getting anything after she eats is good in my book!

    Especially since it's only been two days, I'd try not to worry about it.  Keep up your routine, try and not stress (stress hurts your supply), and in another day or two things may go back to the how they were before.

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  • Thanks!  I'm trying not to worry because I know that doesn't help but it is hard you know?

     Thanks so much!

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