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Getting so frustrated LONG VENT

It's is 6 am and I have been up for 2.5 hours.  I am annoyed with my body right now.  These contrax are driving me insane.  They will be regular enough that I start timing them and then right around the 1 hour mark- they will stop completely.  I've only got a few days left until my c/s and I feel like I am stuck here in limbo- can't go to work like this, can't even really telework for long periods b/c it hurts to sit still too long.  DH doesn't want me out and about in case something happens but what if it happens while I'm at home alone?  He works an hour away- what's he going to do about it?  Either way, I've got to wait for him to come to me.  I've already got cabin fever and I'm not even really stuck here yet!  But I also don't really have anything that I need to do.  I'll just end up spending money that we don't need to spend.  The hi-light of my day is driving Gavin to/from daycare.  Lovely.

Gavin has wet the bed for the past 2 nights.  I know why it's happening... he is refusing to empty his bladder before bed.  He pees just a tiny amount and then says he is done and honestly, I'm too tired to fight with him so I've just let it go.  But then he wets the bed at 4:30 am and we're up from then on.  Of course, this time I was already up anyway thanks to my lovely insomnia.  But I am worried about how all this is going to go down while I'm in the hospital/recovering.  I don't know if MIL will want to deal with that and she might just put him in Pull Ups for bed and then we will have to deal with un-doing that again later. 

I am so sick of my dog.  She is driving me insane.  She whines/barks constantly and keeps pooping in the house.  Flame me if you want but the truth is, babies/kids come before pets and I don't have the time or energy to give her the attention that she needs right now and I know its only going to get worse.  I'd love to go all Dog Whisperer and take her for walks and get her excess energy out, but that's not gonna happen and I just need her to shut up and behave.  Same goes for our psychotic cat who thinks its fun to terrorize our nice calm cat all day long. 

And then there's my mom.  She has to wear the air cast/no weight on it for 4-6 weeks.  I feel so guilty b/c it happened here at our house when she was coming to help me.  It could be so much worse, but this is just really bad timing and she acts like she'll still be able to help me with all the newborn stuff.  Ummm, no mom, you can't take care of a newborn without putting weight on your foot!  And she was like, well, I can hold/feed the baby.  No , I'm BF- which kind of requires ME to hold the baby.  Like ALL THE TIME in the beginning.  Oh and this really complicates Christmas too... not even sure how we're going to handle that with her out of commission! 







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  • Big hug, Stacie. Breathe deep (and take a couple more deep breaths for good measure). You can do it. I'm sure your village up there will rally and it'll all come together. Not to mention, there's a whole bunch of us here who would be happy to help! You're on the homestretch now - try to rest easy.

    As far as Gavin goes, we had a similar set back with Geneva wetting. She was doing it first in the a.m. too. We did put her back in pull-ups for the night time for about another two weeks. After she was dry for that time, we put her back in her undies with no ill effect. Save your sanity and go for the pull-ups. :)

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  • I'm sure this comes as no consolation to you, but what I've learned with 2 kids is, it will get done.  And if it doesn't get done, its ok too. 

    I'm sorry your pets are adding to your stress.  No flames from me.  I get it.  My cats were my babies now when they look for some petting, I can barely bring myself to do that.  I'm exhausted.   Good thing they have my husband.

    This will be over soon, Sophie will be here, hopefully your insomnia will be cured by the pregnancy discomfort being gone, which will be replaced with night feedings.  

    If you need someone to come keep you company, let me know.  Evie is at school on Tu/Th so Liam and I can come entertain you.  

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  • you have every right to be frustrated and over it! hang in there - things will shake out as needed....
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  • Hang in there Stacie! Take deep breaths! I agree with Myra, put G in pull ups for a little bit. I don't think it will undo anything if you make him use the potty as if he were wearing underwear. It will just save you from all that laundry. Take that with a grain of salt though, I have only been a member of the potty club for a few weeks now. I also think you need to take one thing at a time. Get Sophie here and then worry about Christmas. The beauty of this year is you don't have to go crazy. I am sorry that your mom  is out of commission, that would upset me too. She will do what she can and it's not your fault she got hurt either. Just take one day at a time and if you need meals or help with Gavin I would be happy to bring you something and have Colin occupy Gavin for a little bit. Hang in there everything will work out. 
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  • Get the pull up's for nighttime.....peeing in the bed is not a conscious decision.  Save yourself the laundry and headaches right now!
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  • Sorry girl.  It will get better.  I hear you on the limbo thing.  I was like that for a month with Colton but now that he is here...well and has been for 15 months I don't even think of it anymore.

    This too shall pass. :)

  • Sorry you are so overwhelmed and lack of sleep just seems to make everything worse, doesn't it? Hang in there! Like previous posters said, things always seem to work themselves out!
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  • go back to pull-ups until he is dry again for a week straight.  this happened to Finn, he'd been dry for months and then he got croup and was beat ass tired and started wetting again, pull-ups for a week and we were golden and back in undies!  it isn't a set-back, it just happens.  I hear you on the dog.....we sent our dog to go live back in the woods of Indiana with my IL's afetr Riley was born.  She had never had a pee accident in all the time we'd had her, until Finn was born when suddenly she started peeing IN HIS ROOM.  Then Riley was born and she started peeing IN HIS ROOM.  and then one day she peed ON Finn's blanket, the one he sleeps with, carries everywhere and PUTS IN HIS MOUTH.  I lost it, sent the dog away.  My life has been so much more stress free I can't even tell you.  Obviously this isnt a solution for everyone, but just wanted to say, I feel your pain.  And I didn't get any sleep before Riley was born either.  I wanted to try for a VBAC so bad and was having contractions all of the time and same as you they'd be consistent and then all of a sudden stop or go erratic and in the end I got nothing but a whole lot of no sleep.  Maybe try some tylenol PM?  And ditto some of the others....when you have two kids everything somehow gets done, or it doesn't and you will start to worry about it all a little less, you're going to have two little people to focus on and enjoy, you've got to just try to enjoy it all.  They won't remember that this or that did or didn't happen as long as they've got your time and attention.  breathe deep lady and big hugs!
  • I'm so sorry these last few days are difficult.  Just remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you will make it through.
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    And ditto some of the others....when you have two kids everything somehow gets done, or it doesn't and you will start to worry about it all a little less, you're going to have two little people to focus on and enjoy, you've got to just try to enjoy it all.  They won't remember that this or that did or didn't happen as long as they've got your time and attention.  breathe deep lady and big hugs!

    I'm not there yet, but these seem like very wise words to me. I am saving them for later.

    I do hope everything sorts itself out for you, Stacie and you can experience Sophie's birth at peace and with joy.

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  • I'm so sorry Stacie! Listen, if you need any help at all, I'm in Kennesaw, so not far from you. I can help you out in any way!!
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  • (((Hugs))).  I'm sorry you are feeling overwhelmed right now, but just know that everything will work out just fine.  It can be challenging being the mom of two, but everything has a way of working itself out.  Definitely put Gavin in the pull-ups until you can see that he is consistently dry at night.  As for your mom...well, coming from someone going through the same thing, I typically let her do what she wants to do even if she shouldn't be doing it.  She is insisting on watching my two for three Christmas parties we have coming up.  We are going to let her watch them.  Hopefully, she won't break another bone in the process.  :-)
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  • Breathe in, breathe out.

    Put Gavin in pullups for the time being until you get your sanity back after baby is born.  You've got enough on your plate as it is.  Ava just had her 3rd birthday yesterday and still wears pullups at night.  Does she need them, hell no.  Do I have to get up at 4:30 am in the event she wets her bed?  Hell no to that too.  It's worth the money for the piece of mind. Her pullups are dry every morning and they have been for the better half of a year.

     Big hugs on everything else....a few more days, you can do it!

  • You're already gotten great advice, but I just wanted to add my "hang in there!"  Sophie will be here soon and everything will work out.  I know it's hard not to stress, though.  Good luck!
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  • Just wanted to chime in and say we are thinking of you. You got some great advice and I hope things settle down soon. Pre baby jitters are the worst. Hugs. 
  • I am sorry you have so much going on--it sounds really overwhelming.  I wish I had some good advice--but unfortunately a lot of this is stuff that is out of your control and that is so frustrating!  Big hugs to you.
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