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Need Help! Easy Crafts for 3 year olds

Hi ladies,

I am in need of your help. As of tomorrow I will be watching my twin 3 year year old niece & nephew. I am trying to find activities to do with them, to keep them occupied, & I'm hoping that my DD might be able to join them.

Does anyone have any cheap, easy Holiday craft Ideas?


Re: Need Help! Easy Crafts for 3 year olds

  • i picked up a ton of christmas crafts at michaels for so cheap. some ideas - have them paint ornaments, make felt santas (you can cut out the pieces or buy them premade and they can glue it together), have them decorate a paper christmas tree with glitter/paper "ornaments" and stickers, bake christmas cookies together, make Christmas "cards" for family
  • 1.  Marshmallow snowman - take a piece of construction paper, draw 3 circles for the snowman out of glue, then let the little ones stick mini marshmallows to the glue.  when finished, add googly eyes and draw a nose and mouth - super cute and easy.

    2.  paint with cookie cutters - just put some washable paint out on a paper plate and give the kiddos some various small cookie cutters to dip in the paint and then "stamp" onto their paper.

    3.  paint with water books


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  • Also, just regular old Play-doh and simple tools kept my DS busy for long periods at that age.
  • Feel free to check out my blog- it has a bunch of things my DD and I have done together:

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  • Thank you so much ladies! I will will check out the blog, It looks like I will be running to Michael's this evening...
  • we just picked up some foam stickers at target for $5 and they are a decent size package of them. That keeps them busy and requires very little mommy assistance!

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  • We love foam stickers in our house. My 3 year old DD can stay occupied for an hour sometimes! At Michaels, they have lots of holidays sets. We made the snowglobes on Thanksgiving and they turned out so cute. The kids (3, 3.5 and 6) needed some help and we eventually got out the glue gun but overall, it was easy and fun. They also have foam stockings, trees, etc. to decorate which the kids did independently. We made foam door hangers at my daughter's bday party and they were a big hit as well. Target also has foam, wood and felt ornaments for $2 and each set includes 2. I've also found that kids can stay busy with child safe scissors, construction paper, and glue sticks. And if you're feeling really brave, paint is always fun. The little sets that come with 8 or so colors and a small brush don't make too big of a mess. Watercolors are also good. And fingerpainting is of course a ton of fun but messy!
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