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BF and Cow's Milk Protein Allergy

I have eliminated cow's milk (and related and hidden products) from my diet for about 12 days because DS2 is suspected to have an allergy to cow's milk protein.  He's 8 weeks. 

Anyway, there were definite improvements in his symptoms..."baby acne"/excema cleared up immediately, congestion decreased, and most importantly, on days 7 he stopped having bloody, green diapers.  This lasted until day 11 when the green slimy poop and bloodiness came back.  I realized I ate some bread that had caramel color (a hidden cow's milk ingredient) in it...

I guess my question is can just a small amount of an ingredient make the symptoms come back?  It seems to be improving a bit again, but trying to eliminte all milk ingredients is so overwhelming.

Thanks in advance.

Re: BF and Cow's Milk Protein Allergy

  • He may have a more severe dairy allergy, but is it possible that he may be allergic to something else in addition to dairy? Wheat is one of the top 5 allergens, and you mentioned eating bread. My DS has a dairy intolerance, but I seem to be able to eat foods that contain small amounts of dairy.
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