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^$%#@ Vent.

Granted I am happy to have a job, and I do love my job.

The quality lay sent me a spread sheet and an e-mail yesterday at 4 pm, asking me go to thru all these orders and to see if we can reschedule the parts to when they would be available and to have it done by 5 pm Tuesday.

12,000 orders. Each might have 1-200 lines per. So I sit here and break them down order by order to see what we have an reschedule the items for our customers.

She sent me an request for an update. I told her i'm about 60% done..

She sends me back.. well you said you'd have it done by tonight.

Lady that was before it was 12,000 orders... Holy mother of a dog stick...

Re: ^$%#@ Vent.

  • Ugh! I'm sorry. I hope the rest of the work goes by easily and quick!

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  • imageCashewsMommy:
    Ugh! I'm sorry. I hope the rest of the work goes by easily and quick!

    I'll be sitting here doing this all week.. If I don't go home it still counts as one day.

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  • Oh man, that really sucks!  I hope you can get it done soon.  I know what you mean about be thankful for a job, and hating it at the same time.  I have days I just want to leave and sit on my a$$ and collect unemployment.
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  • Sheesh!! that is quite a workload!
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  • That's a lot of freakin orders!
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  • This is where I would kindly go in a show her what all you have to have done and say you will try your best to meet her exceptions but it might not happen.
  • 12,000 orders?  Are you kidding me???  I would be sweating bullets.  I'm really impressed that you're 60% done!  GL!

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  • Yikes, that sounds intense. I hope it goes quickly for you! Good luck.
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  • Holy crap lady.  That sounds like a lot of freakin work.  Best of luck to get it all done and not drive yourself nuts while doing it.
  • I'm sorry Autumn - that sucks! I hope you get through it as quick as possible and get the recognition you deserve for all of this hard work!
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  • This sucks butt!! That sounds like a ton of work... I hope you are able to get this done soon!!
  • Oh, work.... I hate you.  I hope this week goes by quickly for all of us!

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  • Autumn - yuck!  I'm bleary-eyed just thinking about going through 12,000 orders line by line.  I get you completely on being thankful for having a job, but, at the same time, hating the job you have some days. 

    As a teacher, I LOVE that I get to work with kids on most days, but there are days where the kids are ill-behaved, we are NOT getting things done the way we should be, the principal is breathing down my neck about soemthing I can't control (like kid's test scores - "why did so-and-so not pass standards?"  "Well, so-and-so has an IQ of 73, so, so-and-so is not really capable of meeting standards."  "We can't make excuses - they will ALL be making grade level expectations" (read - if they have an IQ of 73, you better "fix" them and make it 100, or your head will roll!)].....not to mention the days when a parent screams at you on the phone (or better yet, in person!) for something that, again, you have no control over.  "Why didn't you TELL me Johnny was failing math?"  "Well, I did send home all of Johnny's assignments, as well as all missing work reports for homework he didn't turn in, and I sent home all his failed tests, which you signed and returned.  Plus, I sent a mid-term report that told you the problem and what needed to be done to fix it"  - "But you didn't tell me he was failing - this is all you're fault;  you're a bad teacher!"   <sigh>  Those are the days where I feel like I'd be smart to go into a different profession.  But, if I did that, I'd miss all the GOOD moments -- Like today, when one of my students wrote in a letter to the troops (we are sending letters as a class to soldiers in the hospital who have been wounded) and wrote a poem using letters that spelled out SOLDIER, giving a reason why she is thankful for soldiers for each letter.....or the student who runs up to me and hugs me every Monday because he missed me over the weekend....or the student who sends me a letter from his middle school class telling me I was his favorite teacher and he is so thankful for me (I got 2 of those in my mail today at school!).  Not to mention I would miss the kids too much if I ever left....


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