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Need Advice (supply-related)

The past few days I've not been pumping as much as usual at work.  Supplementing with a little formula is a last resort for me but I don't know what else to do.  I'm running low on my freezer stash of BM and don't want it all to disappear.  I send (4) 4 oz. bottles to the sitter for DD every day, I've been thinking of maybe just for a few days send 3 oz of BM and 1 oz of formula in each bottle, just so I can catch up a little?  Advice/input is greatly appreciated, I love the support of this board :)
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Re: Need Advice (supply-related)

  • Would you be able to pump after LO goes to bed but before you go to bed? When I'm running low on my fresh stash or trying to build up my freezer stash, I'll pump before going to bed. I may only get 3-4 ounces but it's milk DD won't miss and I can either freeze it or use it the next day for when I'm at work. It's a session I can easily not do if I don't need it, but do it if I'm low.

    Also, this may sound extreme but I used to wake up at 2am to pump. DD was STTN already and I would get about 8 ounces then and still be ready to BF DD at 6:30am. I only did this to build up a freezer stash for a whole 2 weeks worth of supply (I travel one week per month for work). I have since cut that pump session out because I have more than enough BM in my freezer for my work trips. But I will resume that pump session some time in February.

  • I would send the regular 3 bottles of BM, and the last formula, and maybe she won't drink it?  How long are you apart during the day ? 16 oz sounds on the higher side (from the kellymom milk calculator).  they also recommend against mixing formula and bm but i know people do it all the time


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  • I am away from her from 7:30 to 5:30.  She nurses around 7 in the morning before I leave.  I don't want to mix; I'm wondering if I should send a little less since babies can tend to overeat from a bottle?
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