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Airport scanner / baby question

I'm going to be flying from Hartsfield on Thursday with my son. Does anyone know what the deal is with the backscatter scanners? Is everyone required to go through those machines now? I traveled two weeks ago and I did not see any of those machines when I went through security. I really don't want my son to have to go through one. To be honest, I'm not even sure how the scanner would work since I'm going to have to hold him. He's only 5 months old.

Do you know if everyone has to go through those scanners now? Any thoughts / advice is appreciated.


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Re: Airport scanner / baby question

  • ATL only has millimeter wave scanners (per the AJC). These are not the machines producing radiation concerns.

    We went through them when we traveled to Hawaii back in October, but not when we traveled to Philly over Thanksgiving. 

    My observation was that the families getting shuttled through the family assistance lanes were going through the regular magnetometers. 

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  • My family of 4 just traveled for Thanksgiving (to and from EWR).  None of the 4 of us went through the scanners...either way.  We all went through the metal detectors as normal.  It seemed to me that only a very select few passengers actually had to go through those scanners.  Security was pretty quick both in ATL and EWR.
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  • Didn't see any in Atlanta, and when we flew through Boston a couple of weeks ago, Mia and I were excused from going through the backscatter and did not have to go through a pat-down.

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  • Thanks for asking. I'm flying out Saturday with my two girls. Was curious also!
  • ATL does have the scanners, but only a few of them.  When I flew a little over a month ago the only lane that had the scanner for the main security was all the way on the far right.  All other lanes had the regular metal detectors.  If you go through security near the T-gates there is one there, too, and more of a chance you'll have to go through it. 

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  • They do have them, my parents choose to go through them because of artificial knees/hips and to avoid the pat down. There are only a few and they likely won't make you go through them, most people go through the regular metal detectors. And they told my dad they close at 7:30 pm, which is odd.
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  • I think they do have them. But a very small percentage of travellers will be required to go through them. I heard on the radio that like 6% of travelers NATIONWIDE.
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  • Thanks everyone! Let's hope this all goes well. DH is away on business so this will be my first solo flight with DS. Not sure how we'll carry it!
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