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So mad...older children and Santa....

So Sunday night we went to Lake Lanier to look at the lights with DH's family. While we were in Santa's Village Grant was walking around with my 8 year old nephew. They walked up to me and with the saddest face Grant asked me if Santa was real, because my nephew said he wasn't. I was MORTIFIED. I told Grant that Santa was absolutely real, and that my nephew probably wouldn't be getting anything from him since he said that. Luckily Grant looked at him and said "yeah, Santa's not bringing you anything this year" and we walked off. After that I said something to my BIL and he talked to him.

I can't begin to tell you how mad/sad/pissed that made me. Grant has been loving the idea of Christmas and is so excited for Santa, and 4 is way too early for him to be questioning that. He hasn't said anything else about it, so I think I'm in the clear with him, but I'm not sure what to do about the next time we are with BIL's family (we won't see them again until Christmas Eve and for Christmas dinner). I want to call my SIL (who wasn't there) and ask her to have a talk with their kids to please not say anything to the boys (they also have a 6 year old and a 4 year old...not sure if big brother has ruined it for them yet). And I'm tempted to pull the 8 year old aside when we get there and talk to him....I'm not sure what to do about it, but I want to protect my boys from this as long as I can!

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Re: So mad...older children and Santa....

  • I would have been sooo upset too. Hopefully your BIL can talk some to your 8 yr old nephew.

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  • nooooooooooooooooo!!!!  I would definitely just talk to your SIL/BIL about it, ask them if the oldest has said anything to their little ones and if they can just talk to him about keeping the secret alive with other little kids!
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  • My cousin did this to my little brother when he was about 5. Said cousin was 10. When we found out what she did, the whole family moved into overdrive on hyping up Santa. I was 14 and even I understood how important it was to keep it a secret. I could've slapped the brat. I know the concern is that he'll remember it, but I think if you make enough of a big deal, Grant will return to the Santa path.

    My cousin got grounded for that stunt and royally pissed my step-mother off. I think talking to the parents is the right way to go. Have them explain to their kids why it's important for the little ones. Maybe even see if the older kids will help with the Santa propaganda. ;) 

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  • Oh my, I would have been so upset.  I think that you handled it well by talking to your bil, but I think it would be best to talk to your sil, too.  I want to keep the belief in Santa around my home for as long as possible.
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  • I would totally talk to the mom and to the kid.  Emma is starting to question it but still plays the hype up to Tess.  It's part of the joy/magic of Christmas!!  I fully intend on telling Emma that she has a responsibilty as a big sister to keep that magic going for the little ones.  She still believes but she's old enough to question the logistics of how it works.
  • What a little grinch! I would have been FURIOUS! You did handle it well though. I would call your SIL and tell her what happened and have a conversation about it, make it clear how you feel about this being ruined for your kids incase she doesn't see it as a big deal. I'd also pull your nephew aside Christmas eve and say something to him alone, just b/c he might listen harder if he hears it from someone other than his parents. I am glad you were able to restore Grant's belief. Luckily he is young enough that he will believe you over another kid. I hope your BIL/SIL have a talk with him. 


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  • My brother and SIL have always told their kids that there is no Santa.  They don't want to lie to their kids Confused, and Christmas is all about the birth of Christ, not some made up guy.  I can't tell you how many freakin times I have had to pull my oldest nephew aside and tell him not to say crap to my DD.  Every year I go through the same thing.  I tell my brother that he can teach his kids anything he wants, but please don't feel the need to share it.  Meh, I have issues with them anyway, so this just compounds it. Every year! 

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  • Oh man, what a little grinch!!  I think you did the right thing in talking to BIL, and I would also call SIL...just so they know how much this means to you.  If I were in the their situation (with an 8, 6 and 4 year old), that big kid would KNOW that he has a responsbility to keep the magic going for the little ones.  Glad that Grant said something to you so you could protect him!
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