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Vandenburg AFB (housing)

We are heading out to Vandenburg in a week or so and we are going to need to find an apartment out there. 

I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with any places??



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  • No advice on the housing...just good luck with the moving! I see that you are going to be 39ish weeks pregnant! Goodness. I will be thinking of you!
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  • We're out there now. We chose to live on base b/c of the cost of housing in the area, and at the time we moved there was very little wait for the housing we needed.

    If I were going to re-do the move and live off base, I think I'd choose to live in Santa Maria rather than Lompoc or the Village. The good shopping, restaurants, etc for the immediate area are in Santa Maria, as well as immediate access to the 101, which is the only highway to  Unfortunately I'm not familiar enough w/ Santa Maria or Lompoc even, to give you any idea of what parts of town to avoid and such.

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  • I grew up about an hour north of Vandenberg, and have lived on base, Vandenberg Village and Santa Maria. If you cant get base housing I would definatly recomend South Santa Maria the most.  Plus Property Management is great .  We lived in the Montiavo Apartments, and while they are beautiful, the management is not very nice.  We received orders in February and as with most TMO moves we got delayed a few times, and the management was not willing to work with us - they basically kicked us out and I had to go back up to my parents while DH came down to March ARB and stayed at the base hotel. 

    The houses in Vandenberg Village are cheaper and are only about 5 minutes from the base, but there isnt much to do. If you want some opinions on what you are looking at, feel free to PM me!  Good luck!

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  • Thanks everyone for the advice.  It will really help!! I am getting induce on thursday 12/2 then we are making the trip from maxwell out to vandenburg.  So it should be interesting time.

    We will for sure check out places as soon as we get out there.  Thanks for letting me know good locations to look at. 

    We will only be there for 6 or so months and from what i heard base housing has around a year and a half waiting list.  So we will for sure need to check out apartments off base

    Thanks again

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