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I need a hug (or a drink)

Can I just whine a sec? We are into our 6th week of Margo having an ear infection in both ears. That poor, poor child. :(

We started by taking her in 10/25 because she was sick with a runny nose & DH had just gotten diagnosed w/ bronchitis so we thought better safe than sorry. Well, she had a double EI. So the prescribed ammoxicillan, & two days later, she broke out in hives so she's allergic. It was so awful to see my baby covered in hives and she was so uncomfortable. The next meds didn't do anything, and yesterday we learned the third meds also didn't do anything, and the doc described her ears as "Pretty bad."  So yesterday, we started the three-day shot regimen of Roseferin (sp?) I am hoping and praying so hard that this works, I just can't believe she's had EIs so long. 

My heart goes out to all of you ladies who have gone through EI after EI, this crap sucks! 



Re: I need a hug (or a drink)

  • Poor girl.  I hope she gets better soon.  The last time I had an ear infection and took Amoxicillin, I broke out in a major rash too.  It was awful.  I hope these shots work quickly. 

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    My Sweet Girls

  • I'm sorry to hear Margo is sick. I hope the shots cure her quickly!
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  • :(  Sorry to hear she's been so sick lately!  I hope this does this trick.
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  • Poor Margo! (and Mommy!) Sad I know first hand how much they suck. I am so sorry! 6 weeks straight must be miserable. :-( I hope the shots work! Has the pedi suggested tubes yet?

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  • BIG HUGS!  E has had 2 ear infections and I can't even begin to imagine 6 weeks straight.  I'm also allergic to penicillin and I've been on the antibiotic roller coaster :(  I hope Margo gets to feeling better ASAP. 
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  • Poor Margo and poor you! I am so sorry to hear about the double EIs. It must be horrible to have to go through all those meds with her and see no improvement. I hope the shots did the trick and she is feeling better soon. Keep us posted!
  • That really stinks.  I hope she feels better soon, I know she is probably miserable :(


    My sweet boy :)
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  • Thanks guys! She's actually holding up surprisingly well... we've had a few wakeful nights (last night being one), which stinks because it's hard for us but we know way worse for her.

    Hughes - they haven't said anything about tubes, but this is her first round of EI's. The doc did say that if these shots don't clear it up the next step is going to an ENT and getting them drained. I don't even want to think about that... 

    Wendy & jules_NC - interesting you've both got the allergy too. This really worried us, and I'm still not really sure what it means. Just limited antibiotic choices?

  • Whine away....that sounds horrible!  I hope little Margo gets very better soon.  Poor baby and poor mommy and daddy : (

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  • Poor Margo! I just got back from taking DS to the doctor and he had to start the Roseferin shots this morning. I'm not looking forward to the next two days because they hurt him so bad today. Our nurse said they were some of the most painful shots they give. :(

    Jack has also had double ear infections for the last month. We've already been through two rounds of antiobiotics, but his eardrums are still inflamed and covered with "goop" as the doctor put it.  If these shots don't work, we'll also be headed to the ENT. He had several ear infections last winter so I'm thinking tubes are in his future, too.

  • I don't think I was always allergic but I don't get sick very often and I don't think I really had EI growing up (my sister on the hand had a lot of them).  I don't know what they would give me know as far as antibiotic if I got an EI again.  I recently took Cipro for a bladder infection.  B

    But that rash stuff was seriously no fun!!!

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  • Oh no...I'm so sorry you guys have been dealing with this for so long!  Poor Margo!  I hope the shots work and everyone is getting some relief and sleep soon.
  • Poor Margo and poor mommy :(  I hope the latest meds clear them up quickly!


    Our little flower

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  • awe poor baby, hope she feels better soon!
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