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he pooped in the potty!

Ok - so he really didn't have a choice, but I knew I could get it to happen one way or another!

I am mean - I guess.

But, before we offically started pt last week he always did the potty thing naked.  We've been doing "naked potty training" since he was less than 20 months.  During that he pooed in the potty 3 times (and peed a million).  But since we started it for real w/ underwear, he wouldn't go (as you all know)

So, I decided that when he gave me the signs that he needed to poo I was gonna take off everything from the waist down.  He eventually came to me and asked for a diaper and I said no, he had to use the potty. He fought it for about another 20 minutes and as it looked like he was gonna go on the floor (ew), DH scooped him up and he went on the potty!


there were LOTS of tears, but once he calmed down and got his prize he was able to call the grandparents and brag.  :)

Now...on to tomorrow... 

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