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20 days to go, plus progress!

It's getting to be so real now!  It's so strange how with my daughter I just assumed I'd go into the hospital, deliver her vaginally, and that would be that.  Now all I do is try to focus on getting that vaginal delivery and think about how it's a challenge, instead of natures way (like it's the most abnormal, unnatural thing on the planet to have a baby vaginally).  I'm always aware that a repeat CS is possible, but I'm trying to focus my energy towards VBAC. 

 Also wanted to mention that I'm extremely excited to have been 1cm dilated at my 36w5d appointment.   I know it can mean nothing, so everyone can spare me the speech about walking around for weeks @ 1cm.  With my daughter, I didn't get to 1cm until I was 41w0d and IN labor.  Its exciting, unchartered territory for me!

Doc is excited for me as well, and told me that it's just a reminder that everything is doing what it's supposed to down there.   He also told me he has three "natural" VBAC candidate patients right now!

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