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Crib WWYD?

I got an email a couple days ago that said Owen's crib has been recalled (BassettBaby), and that they could send out a piece to permanently hinge the drop side.  I kind of want to just go ahead and turn it into a toddler bed instead of having to fix it, but on the other hand I wanted to keep him contained as long as possible.  I went ahead and called Bassett and they will send me the piece I need just in case, but I still need to decide.  WDYT?

Re: Crib WWYD?

  • If you put the piece on there, can you not later turn it into a toddler bed? 

    We had the same issue and ordered the replacement piece, but can still turn it into a toddler bed later because we just remove that whole side. 

    I'm with you - containment as long as possible!! :) 

  • I would keep him contained as long as possible!
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  • The piece just permanently attaches the drop side, but we can still convert it.  I am really leaning towards just slapping it on there and leaving him in his crib until he's 3 Stick out tongue
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