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Big gift for 3.5 year old boy?

I want to get my former foster son a big Christmas gift from Santa since his parents don't have much money. He would love a play kitchen. The problem is he is the size of a 6 year old and the kitchens all seem too small for him. Does anyone have a kitchen recommendation that would be appropriate for him?

Are there any other suggestions in case I can't find a suitable kitchen? I want to stay away from Leapster and video games since I'm afraid they will be overused. He has a bike and a train table we bought last year. I asked his mom and she didn't have any suggestions. TIA!


Re: Big gift for 3.5 year old boy?

  • How much do you want to spend?

    We have this kitchen - my DD#1 is 5 and STILL plays with it every single day.........

    You might consider buying him a bounce house too........most kids love those and he's the perfect age for it. 

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  • the big gift we got Griffin this year (my mom bought it and gave it to us so Santa can give it to him) is the Fireman Dollhouse from costco - they have it online and instore (cheaper instore - it was $80).... it's SOOO cool- Griffin saw it there and loved it - i can't wait for them to play with it!
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  • DS 1 is getting this, we paid $80.00 a few weeks ago. He is huge into pirates and doesn't play with toys much, so I know he'll love it.

    I would totally suggest some kind of tent, both my boys love them!


  • I wanted to add that you are very kind to do this for him, I am sure he really appreciates it. =)
  • imageHarrietNJMommy:

    We have this kitchen - my DD#1 is 5 and STILL plays with it every single day.........

    We have this same one and I'd really recommend it. It also comes with plenty of accessories (utensils, cookware, play food).

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  • I'm looking at this for my DS you know how it compares to the Step 2 walk in kitchen?  It's hard to tell w/o being able to see the kitchens in person side by side.  I like the fact that yours comes with a dishwasher  though.

  • I think the step 2 kitchens are pretty cool, but also check out the kitchens from the Little Tikes brand. 

    My boys got this kitchen last year for Christmas and still love it! 


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