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Postpartum Depression

What medication works for you???

I do not have ppd, but general anxiety and mild ocd.    I figured this was a good place to ask this question as I myself have suffered for 6 years with this condition.    I have been on lexapro for 6 years and it just stopped working lately.    We have been going through infertility (for our second) for 2 years now.    After 12 iui's and 3 ivf's my body just can't take it and the hormones, etc need rebalancing.    

I am waiting until after thanksgiving to change medication.  My dr. wants to try zoloft first and see what happens.    What medication did you find works for you?    How long did you wait until the results were noticed?    Did you try others first?    


Thanks ladies!! 

Re: What medication works for you???

  • I no longer have PPD, but I have severe anxiety as well as OCD. I am on 200mg of Zoloft and it is working really well. Good luck! 
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  • You sound like me.  I always had stress anxiety and mild OCD.  After having DS, it was like a tidal wave of emotions hit me that never stabilized.  I'm currently on Wellbutrin, but I have taken Zoloft in the past.  My only downside is that I can't breastfeed while using Wellbutrin.  I would have gone back to Zoloft, but after I quit taking it (while TTC) I felt like fog had been lifted.  I didn't want to feel fogged over any more.  HTH!
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  • I am currently suffering from intense anxiety.My sister has depression/anxiety and so my dr prescribed me the medication she is on because it works amazing for her.

    It was Cipralex and it was horrible for me. I was immediately so depressed, unmotivated, EXHAUSTED, getting up off the couch to make my ds breakfast was the most overwhelming task.

    Now we are trying Welbutrin. Its going okay, it is mostly for depression and Im finding its not helping my anxiety. My anxiety is still intense and I am going to see my dr today about it.
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  • Effexor xr has worked well for me for the last 4 years. I am 36 wks pregnant now, and although I hoped to be weaned off of it, I noticed my anxiety & deprfession getting worse so my dr and i decided to increase it back up to my normal dose. i feel better.

    i am able to bf while taking it too. hth. gl!

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