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Josie's scheduled c-section 11/16

We had a scheduled C-section on Tuesday November 16th .

 I woke up super early and couldn't sleep. I woke DH up so I had someone to talk to! We checked in and only had to wait a bit but had 2 hours before the surgery. We were taken to the OR prep area where I gave blood, urine and was hooked up to the monitor. Our nurse was great and tried to keep us from being bored.  I had a student nurse with me and she inserted the catheter. That was the most painful part of the whole ordeal!

Finally around 11:20 I walked into the OR. It was much smaller and warmer than I thought. I was helped on to the table and given my spinal. It didn?t hurt at all and I was pleasantly surprised with how fast it hit and how good it felt. I also got a shot of morphine and right afterwards asked the nurse ?Can I get another?? I felt so good and relaxed. I was finally ready to meet the baby.

They started cleaning my belly and getting me into position. The nurse brought Joe into the room and he stayed on my right side. The drape they put in front of me was not high at all (more like they crumpled a few blue sheets on my chest) and Joe was able to see it all. I was able to see everything they were doing in the reflection of the light above me. It was so cool seeing everything (but I suggest not looking if you are squeamish) after about 10 minutes?.she was out! She started crying right away and didn?t stop. My first question was ?Is it still a girl?? and then ?Joe, does she have hair?? The nurses and doctor were all saying how beautiful and loud she was. She didn?t stop screaming. It was awesome. She weighed in at 7 lbs 13 oz, 20 1/2 inches long.

It took exactly 20 minutes to get stitched up and Joe stayed with Josie in the recovery room (where she kept howling). I remember thinking it was taking forever to finish and I was so anxious to really see her. I was wheeled into recovery and promptly fell in love. Joe says she stopped crying the second I was brought in and she heard me speak. I was shaking and vomiting from the medications and struggled to hold her (that lasted all night). After about 45 min I was confident enough to hold her and was able to start nursing. I was shocked at how strong her suck was. She was so alert and beautiful and was really responsive to me.

After an hour and a half I was taken to my post-partum room and Josie hung out the whole time while some family visited. She was so quiet and alert. I was still feeling pretty awful the remainder of the night.  The next day was so awesome getting to bond with her, I felt so great, I would have never known I had given birth the day before.

Unfortunately, she lost 9.8 % of her body weight in two days so I was forced to pump and finger feed. I am still pumping to supplement and am able to pump about 6-8 oz a day and she is bottle fed once or twice a day by DH but has no problem going back and forth. She gained back two ounces before we left the hospital so hopefully we'll get even more weight gain at today's pedi appointment.  She also has "breech legs", they stick straight up in the air and will not lay flat. When she first came out her hip was dislocated but somehow it popped back in. The nurses in the nursery were calling her "Crazy Legs", it's really cute. We expect it will go down over time but may need to see a specialist.

We are so happy to have her, it is truly the most amazing feeling!

In recovery

In the recovery room


Three days old picking her head up


Headed home on Saturday

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