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I almost didn't make it BACK to the hospital!!!!

I had our beautiful Daughter on 10-23 at 10:23 am!!!........here is my story:

I was due on the 21 of October and had an induction date set for Monday the 25th

my contractions started about 12:15 am, I was due the 21st and the 22nd was a full moon by the way.  At about 1:15 of contractions/cramping getting stronger and more consistent we woke up our 4 year old, bundled her up and dropped her off at sis in laws house a few blocks away.

We got to hospital shortly before 2am and I was in pain....they hooked me up...and monitored me...my pain/cramping was getting worse but I was not dilated past 2....THEY SENT ME HOME after about and hour or so monitoring me and I was in tears freaking out cuz I know my body and I Knew I was in labor....we literally got down the road and the contractions started getting stronger and longer...we only live 10-15 min from hospital so we got home but I begged DH to get me back to the hospital after being home less than an hour.....THANK GOD I did because when I got there I was dilated to 7/8 in less than an hour.....I was sooooo pissed they sent me home! And then they were trying to tell me I didn't need an epi.....I was in so much pain I was about to pass out so yes I did need it and thankfully the doctor gave it to me which helped me to relax and not pass out and rest so I would have the strength to push......long story short our daughter was born at 10:23 am she is healthy and beautiful!!!  Now if only I could get some sleep.........:)

Trust your body ladies....thankfully I do not live that far from hospital....or she would have been born at home or in a car! 

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