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New baby and deploying H..

Hey everyone!

Were having a baby sometime in late December or early January (they have changed my due date so many times, I give up trying to keep track) and DH is going to deploy sometime in March, maybe April. He is in the Air Force and his deployment is only going to be about 6 months -- I know this sounds like cake to some of you ladies, but I have never been through a deployment. Especially not with a new baby. Just curious what you ladies did, or are doing. Did you stay where you're stationed? If so, did you have or need help with the baby? or Did you go back home with family? I know it may seem like a stupid question, I'm just nervous.

 Thanks in advance!

Re: New baby and deploying H..

  • We had DS while at Great Lakes while DH was in A school. He got his orders when DS was about 3 months for San Diego and shortly found out his ship was deployed so after his very short C school in SD he would be joining them. We all moved out together and put our stuff in storage and stayed at a furnished month to month place while there for almost 2 months. Then DS and I came to stay with my mom while he is gone.

    We are saving a ton of money since we didn't have a place out there yet. It's overall been nice since my mom and family get some good quality time with DS. It's been stressful at times not really having my own place but the help is so great. I think for future deployments I will come to visit for a long stay but not live here the whole time.

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  • DH deployed when Nathan was 3 1/2 weeks. My dad came and got me the next day to go back home to Texas. I didn't go because I needed help I went because I needed something more to take my mine off deployment (it's my 1st too) I honestly think that if I had stayed in KS I would still be a wreck but my family keeps me extreamly busy so I'm taking him being gone okay. Good Luck!!


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  • My H is currently deployed and I'm due any day now with our second.  We've been at our current duty station for nearly 5 years, own a home here, and I have a great job, so I opted to stay here with our older son and the new baby rather than go through the hassle of moving back to my hometown for 12 months.  I wouldn't be able to handle everything on my own, however, if I didn't have an amazing support network built up here. 
  • This will be me soon.  Baby is due in March and DH is supposed to deploy in May, but only for about 10 months (the rest of his unit is gone for 12).  This is not our first deployment, but it's Afghanistan instead of Iraq this time and we just moved to Germany and I'll have a new baby.  I will be staying in Germany on my own and hopefully just keeping busy with the baby.  I plan on joining some of the mommy-baby groups here on post and if I magically have bored downtime, I will get a job or volunteer somewhere.
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  • My dh is deploying in march and I'm due in Feb.

    I plan on staying here and having family probably come stay for long periods of time to help out. At least until the new baby sleeps through the night.

    This is our first deployment also and should be about 7 months. I'm nervous too but thankful to have family close by (about 3 hours)

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  • My DH was deploying in August, and I was due in October and we're stationed in Guam.  I opted to go home, so I flew Space A at 32 weeks.  Good thing I did, because Katie Beth came the next week, completely unexpected.  DH was able to get home to be with us on emergency leave for 10 days.  I've been here ever since, living with my grandparents while he is deployed.  We're going back to Guam in 3 weeks.

     It's been great being with family, but like a PP said, I'll probably only come for visits next time.  I miss my house. A lot. 

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  • DH deployed a few weeks after our son was born and will be coming home sometime around his 1st birthday. I opted to go back home instead of staying at Ft. Campbell. I hadn't made very many friends and decided I would have more support in Kansas. There is no way that I would have been able to do it all by myself had I not come back home.

    Now I am able to stay at home with our son and go to school part time. Plus, we're saving a whole lot of money that we would have been spending on rent because we are living with my parents.

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  • When my dh deployed, I went and stayed with my parents (I live in CA, my parents MN). My LO was 5 months old, so I basically had everything down, but didn't want to be alone on a daily basis. I'm really glad I did it. I had a great time with my family but I did really miss my house A LOT. It was good to be home. I'd do it again in a minute if I had to.
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  • My husband is Army and a late deployer (just went almost 2 weeks ago) and my son is a couple days short of 2 months. Fortunately my husband will only be gone for 6/7 months so I am staying at base instead of moving home. I fortunately had a good friend who has moved out here and is staying with me till he gets back since I am so far from my family.

    6 months is a hard time frame to move away and then home. If it was a year, I would have gone back home. But since 6 months should fly by (fingers crossed) I just decided to stay, with the help of my friend.


    Good Luck Honey. (: 

    EDIT : Also this is our 2nd deployment. First one was a year. December 2008 - November 2009. 

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