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Anything would be great. My DH will be doing his Captain's Course there and will only be there for a short time. How is post housing, anything good to look at for renting off post? anything would be great :) Thanks
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Re: Fort Lee, VA

  • We were just there last fall for career course as well.  We didn't even attempt to get on post housing and the people who did were on the wait list and got a call that housing was available about a month before the course was scheduled to be over.  It could have changed since it's been a year but we just went with an apartment off post. 


    We actually rented in Chester, VA.  It was about a 10 minute drive for my husband to get onto post.  Rivermont Station is where we lived - they are very nice, new, under our BAH (we had a 3 bedroom, 2 bath) and in a nice area.  In my opinion, the closer you get to post, the rougher the area seems to be.  Chester had lots of grocery stores, restaurants, a great place called 'The Playroom' that was an indoor play area for little ones (they do/did a military discount), a Starbucks that has a weekly storytime (it is AMAZING - they are wonderful with the kids), a Chick Fil A that does a story time during the school year, the public library was about a 5 minute walk from our apartment and they had a great storytime too.  We really liked being in that area. 


    If you have any specific questions I'd be happy to answer them! 

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  • thank you so much! that does really help!
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  • OP--your little boy is adorable!

    We were there for the career course two years ago and were able to get a house on post, but it was one of the old ones that they have since torn down. I agree with pp about looking in Chester. The area right off post is not as family oriented as neighborhoods in Chester. Good luck with the move and finding a place to live!
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