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Preschool photos

Does your preschool do official photos?

My DD started late last year (3 year preschool) and this year I haven't heard any word of photos, but it seems like everyone I know with a preschooler is doing theirs around this time.

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  • No, I don't think they do.  I have friends that have had them already at their kids precshool so I would think I would have heard something by now if they were going to do them.
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  • my kids are in daycare - and they do photos 2x's a year... they just did them on the 9th - they did class pictures and holiday photos.  They do them again in April (class and regular single photos).

    It's nice b/c they'll do all 3 kids together, and all apart, too.  I got great pics of all 3 and the twins together last April - but this month, it was HELL! lol

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  • Public pre-school here. 

    No school photos even though I know they do them for the other grades.  Not sure if they do them in Kindergarden either. 

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  • Ours are scheduled for spring.

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  • DD's school offers photos all the time, it seems.  We took some at the start of the school year and purchased those.  She also took some holiday ones but I didn't really care for them when they sent the proofs home so we won't be buying those but taking some of our own at a studio instead.  I think they may offer some spring ones which we may go for--it'll cut down on me having to get them done somewhere else.  
  • Mine did, but my DD goes to a preschool program at a daycare.
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  • DS's school does fall pictures and spring pictures.  They are ridiculously the smallest package is $50 and it only has an 8x10 and two 5x7's.  Once they reach elementary school, they have a bigger company do it and it's very reasonably priced and you can see the pictures before you commit to buying them.  I love that option since DS has very forced smiles in most of his pictures!
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  • Our preschool did. The traditional "blue" background-I thought I was going to hate them, but they actually turned out really cute.They will be nice to have since I totally skipped their 3 year old pics this year and they were taken right around their birthday. ;)
  • Yes they do, and they were super expensive. $52.95 for a package. I'm going to purchase the class pic for $7.95, and just went to JCPenneys this week instead. $9.99 vs. $52.95, no questions there.
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  • My daughter also attends a public preschool. So far I haven't heard a word, so I am assuming they aren't doing them for the preschoolers.
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  • The one that my DS went to this time last year did and they were really cute too!
  • Our preschool only does a "class" photo. No individual photos.
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  • Our preschool does Candid photos in the Fall (they hire a photographer and make sure to get at least one shot of each child).

    Formal school photos are done in the Spring.

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  • Ours did, we just got them back last wk (I think it took 3 wks?)  We had a choice to get just individual ones or u could get a "collage" that had your individual as well as a class w/ the Teacher's name, etc.  My DD is in a 3-Pre-K run by a church, and there are only 3 classes, 36 kids total (so I guess that qualified as a private school?)  It's the only choice we have around here for 3 or 4 yr Pre-K and we're lucky we even have that!
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