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Did you see today's Baby Half Off deal?  The camo pattern is the only one left.  It made me think of Grady. :)


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Re: *Jac*

  • Ha :) Poor Grady is doomed to a life in camo. My MIL buys him camo all.the.time. My husband thinks it's adorable, and it is cute on a baby I suppose, but I get sick of camo all the time. She bought him a pair of camo bibs from Osh Kosh and "oh, more camo!" slipped out before I caught myself :( I felt like an @ss. Bah.
  • I feel like I've seen several photos of him in camouflage, that's why I posted the link.  I do think it's cute on babies in moderation, but I get what you're saying.  My FIL is pretty much obsessed with camouflage (and all things hunting really), so I will probably always steer clear of it for that reason alone. :) 
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  • Oh he does wear it a lot! :) That's actually a really good deal on that wet bag too. If we were in need of one, I'd probably snatch it up.
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