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Just got the call. GIVE IT A REST, MOTHER!


I truly love my mother, but ever since we moved up here, she is THE.MOST.ANNOYING. person ever when it comes to pressuring us to come home.

Any trip we have planned, even just for the weekend, gets the treatment:

Me:  Mom, we will plan to leave here at [expected day/time]

Mom:  [day before]  Are you packed and ready?  I just thought you might get out a little more quickly than you had planned.

Me:  Nope, not packed and ready.  We will leave tomorrow at [time]

Mom: [texting- early morning of the next day] Left yet?

Me:  No (or ignore the text altogether).

Mom: [phoning an hour or so later]  Have you gotten everything packed and ready?  I so wish I could be there to help....

Me:  No, and the more I talk to you, the less time I have to pack.


It goes on and on.

Today I just got the phone call to see if I had gotten everything packed and ready for leaving tomorrow, because, you know, if you get everything ready tonight, you can get on the road early tomorrow.

WTH?  No, I cannot get on the road early tomorrow because DH HAS TO WORK.  He will come home as soon as he can come home, and then we will leave. 



Re: Just got the call. GIVE IT A REST, MOTHER!

  • I get the same thing.  

    M: Do you think you will get in early Wednesday?

    Me: Nope, we have to work.

    M: Well, it would be nice if you could get in earlier.

    Me: Well, we work all day.  Both of us. And we get home around 6.  So..regardless Maddy will be in bed with you before we get there so there's no sense in us getting there super early.

    M: Oh.   

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  • I used to get the same thing. Luckily my mom has reeeaaaaalllly backed of a lot in the last few years.
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  • same thing. guilt trip about how "little" time she gets with us, included.
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  • You just spelled out every phone conversation I have with my mother since Sam was born.
  • ugh annoyyyyying!
  • My mom starts calling me about the time I'm supposed to be there or even worse 5 minutes before.  It would be a lot easier to get out of the house if I didn't have to talk on the phone!  She's usually greeted with WHAT?
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