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Help for Adhesions + MW appt today

I had my appointment today. We started talking about adhesions because I have always thought I have one on my left side, and I have been having bad round ligament pain on my right side. She thinks that the adhesion may be pulling my uterus and straining the RL. So we talked about things to help, I figured I'd share for anyone that has issues with them. First I am doing castor oil compresses over the adhesion, a piece of flannel with the oil, and a warm wet towel in plastic over it for 10 minutes. It should help break things up. Also an abdominal massage. I go in a circle, from the pubic bone and crests of the pelvis around to the top of my stomach. I draw my fingers, ind of positioned like a rake, from the bone to my belly button, all around my stomach three times, three times a week. It is done without oil. Also to loosen the scar and reduce pain and numbness on the outside, I pinch it and roll the tissue around a bit. It hurts a little, but mostly because of the pinching. I will also get a professional to do some abdominal massage probably.

As for the rest of the appointment, apparently my placenta is anterior. I know that even if it is over the scar there is a lot of time for it to move, I am just not happy to hear that it is even on the same side. Now I am really glad that I decided to have an anatomy scan, and even happier that it is tomorrow. Hopefully it is already above the scar and I won't have to have it monitored. 

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Re: Help for Adhesions + MW appt today

  • Glad she had some ideas for you!

    I also wanted to add that I had an anterior placenta with DD and went on to have a complication free VBAC.  I know it makes it a little scarier, but its not impossible!  I hope you see that it is high at the scan!

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  • Yeah, it was disappointing to hear, but I know it is way too early to worry about at this point. Hopefully tomorrow is good news so I can forget about it right away! Luckily this time Google was my friend, and I found a post on with many other women who had successful VBACs like you, and I felt better! At first I thought that a placenta on the scar would mean risking out of homebirth as well, but I was happy to see that that was not the case.
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