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roly poly!

I was just taking some photos of Grady for our Christmas card. I had laid him on his belly for a few pictures and he just rolled right on over as though he'd been doing it for weeks! I was so shocked! Haha :) It was so cute. I'm proud of my little buddy.

Also, just a little stat update. He now weighs 17 lbs 8 oz and is 29 inches long. Whoa! So, he's still in about the 97+ percentile for height while he is only in about the 90th for weight now. The doctor isn't concerned about his slowed weight gain, especially considering he's shot up so much recently. She said he was busy "growing up instead of around" :) He's hitting all his milestones and is a happy, healthy little baby!

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  • I'm pretty sure he's the same height as Ella. Indifferent

    Go Grady go! I just love him. I mean, not like you do Jac, but he always just looks so scrumptious.

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  • Isn't it funny how they just decide to do something and BAM, they're off and running?  It's like something just "clicks".  I love watching babies grow and develop.  Thanks for letting us get to see yours.  Smile
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  • That's awesome (rolling, height/weight, etc)!!
  • Go Grady! That is awesome! Great weight!
  • Yay way to go Grady
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  • Josie almost has gotten from her back to stomach
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  • awwwww he's getting so big!!!!!

    He is so tall too! 

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