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How much do real trees cost?

I've never bought a real tree in my adult life, so I have no clue what the range is.  What do they go for in the Indy area?

Re: How much do real trees cost?

  • They vary so much. You can get them at Lowes, Menards, etc, for like $15-30.  Or you can go to a tree farm, take the tractor out to the field, and cut one down yourself (they have pre-cut too) for like $100+. At least this was my experience at a tree farm in Noblesville. Other farms may vary.


  • We usually go to Dull's tree farm and typically spend around $25-40 for a 7'-ish tree.


  • I've seen them from $15 or 20 to $100.  Most seem to be 30-70.

    Josie 7.22.10
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