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Tell Jason I said I'm all paranoid as I googled about them too, ugh!! Except...

1) We just bought our artificial tree new this year. (a few weeks ago).

2) It is in another room where Rowan has no access to it.

So at least those 2 things make me feel better but, still going to be super paranoid. I hate dealing with real trees though. We had them all growing up and they'd always fall down (a cat trying to climb up them or a little brother pulling it over..), the water would stink in the bottom, needles would fall off, etc.

You just can't win! 

Re: MommaMcG

  • Lol, sorry!  Yeah, I hate dealing with real trees too.  That site I just posted has lead free trees for $179, with free shipping.  Seems pricey, but they last forever--since we are still using the one we bought 7 years ago.  I can't justify 50-60 bucks on a tree just to throw it out in a month!
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