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Have you taken any action on your absolutely out of control endo? Are you still fuming? I would be.

Not to bring it up again, but I just can't believe everything about that appointment.

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  • I've chilled a bit. I probably won't do anything about it. Short of vent to y'all and Larry and vow that I'll never see the guy again (I usually see an NP, but she requires that I see him once during my pregnancy). By now, I've pretty much cleansed myself of him. I'm pregnant and he's not worth the stress.

    I talked to one of my coworkers who also sees him, and she's like, "he's really rough, and brutally honest to the point where he can be mean, but man, does he know what he's talking about... and I feel like he's mean out of the goodness of his heart."

    Which is sad for a person in general, and especially sad for an industry that should show a little compassion, but I guess a 70-year-old doctor probably lost any compassion he had 40 years ago.

    But anyway, if I look at it from that perspective (that he was saying things out of the goodness of his heart), it could mean...

    He was genuinely concerned (or at least interested in) the whole deli meat thing. I mean, really, he tried to call at least 10 people to find out if it was true.

    He asked me if I had insurance when I asked for a sample of insulin. Was he really curious if I had insurance in a "looking out for you" sort of way? 

    He did inform me that I had a $75 credit.

    About the "losing weight instead of making a baby comment" - I mean, it's true. Painful and ridiculously rude, but in the end, true. 

    I mean, was he a complete_asshole about all of it and make me feel stupid and worthless? Definitely. But any one of those could be interpreted in a "trying to help you" sort of way, I guess.

    I don't know, I'm pulling at straws and making excuses... In the end, I just want to be done with it. It was yesterday. Today is today. I will never see him again.

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  • Oh good. I mean, good in the sense that you're done with it (and that you don't have to see him again).

    Still. Asshat.

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