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Holy OMG! =D

I am just so excited, I have to tell someone...no, everyone! =D

DH and I have been working on buying the house 3 doors down from the house we are renting here in Grammer. And they accepted the offer! =D

I am so darn excited!


The house is so adorable, and they just finished replacing the roof today so it looks even more fantastic now! It is the perfect size for DH and I and the coming DS!

The only thing is, not only is it going to be kinda icky to move in the middle of winter...as much as we wanted to, they didn't accept an offer soon enough for us to move in before DS gets here...so that will be fun.

But, everyone has told us that we will have enough help to not worry...plus it is only 3 houses away...so moving shouldn't be *that* hard. Lol!

But again...YAY! Big Smile

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