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Prenatal Yoga and Massage recs?

Google isn't helping me out much on these topics.  Anyone have good recommendations?

ETA:  In Indy/Carmel

Re: Prenatal Yoga and Massage recs?

  • I work for Indy Parks and we have Mimi Sosa doing our Prenatal Yoga.

    She also teaches prenatal yoga and Mommy & Baby yoga at Clarian North and West, Mindfulmovement studio, and at the Jordan YMCA.

    Here is her information:

    mimi sosa, r.y.t. 317.513.1960 [email protected]
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  • I did a year of prenatal and the mommy and me yoga at St V's Carmel.  Really loved the instructor Jean and her personalized instruction depending on what issues you had (for me, my hips always hurt).

    I got my prenatal massages at Indiana Reproductive Acupuncture, 317-846-8777 (I did all my acupuncture there too). They are at 121st and Meridian.  They have specials, and I think I paid maybe $60-$70 for each hour.   Those were the days!  I highly recommend a massage for anyone, even if you already had your baby!!

  • Thanks for that info!  Both of those are really close to where I live. 
  • I took mine at Clarion North.  Mima Sosa was my instructor.  Loved it.
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