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How do you know if your gallbladder is messed up?

I think mine might be.  I've been having all kinds of problems, and it's usually right after I eat, esp at night.  Range of symptoms from nausea, to really bad upset stomach to TMI bowel issues. 

Thought it was a virus, but it has been over a month and it's still happening.  

I just ate an apple and I might have to go throw it up.  Where is the Mylanta?

HELP!  What is wrong with me?

Re: How do you know if your gallbladder is messed up?

  • When my FIL had his removed, his only major symptom was high back pain.  It was really inflamed and he had to wait 2 days without eating or drinking anything before they could remove it. 
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  • My MIL had hers removed but she still has issues now, so I'm not sure it made it any better.
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  • I had MAJOR MAJOR gallbladder issues, except mine started when I was pregnant. This is probably going to be long.

    Right upper quadrant back pain (severe), severe heartburn, TMI here -- white bowel movements and dark brown urine, eventually becoming severely jaundiced.  

    I also had SEVERE itching -- my OB dx'ed me as having PUPPPS (it started around March '09 and I delivered in June '09 -- the itching continued and kept going), but my OB said it was normal for PUPPPS.

    Finally, over Christmas break last year, I was in so much pain, was itching so bad and then hubby noticed I was turning yellow -- my gall bladder was so bad, it was killing my liver and I was in liver failure.

    It took two surgeries and a total of 10 days in the hospital -- not trying to scare you, but go get it checked out.  I had a surgery called an ERCP on 1/1 in St. Louis (where they transferred me from a small town hospital outside of STL) to clear the stones and put a stint in.  Came home four days later and ended up back in the ER the day after I got back to Indy--I was full of stones again!  

    By the time the surgeon here got inside, I was back in liver failure and was in such bad shape that I spent five nights for what was to be an outpatient surgery!!

    Long story short, if you think you are having gall bladder issues, don't wait, just go and get it checked out...not to be overdramatic, but when they told me I was in liver failure and they started doing labs to do a liver transplant, I wrote my baby a ten page letter because I was THAT scared, and medical stuff does not intimidate me.

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  • WOW.  Definitely will get it checked.  Thing is, after hearing from all my FB friends and people here, I'm not sure it is GB.  I don't have any stabbing pain or any symptoms like that.  I just have trouble digesting anything after 6 pm, and a bag GB runs in my family (all of my dad's 7 siblings (and him) had theirs removed, and now all their kids (in their 30s and 40s) are having problems. 

    I'm thinking this might just be the start of things, though.  Guess I'm going to have to start tracking symptoms and occurrences.  

    Thanks!  Glad you got better.  That's scary!

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