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Missing my girl

It'll be a week tomorrow that my mom's had her.  We've been to Chicago and back and now the house just seems really empty and I miss her.  We were in bed last night and Joe looks over at me and says, "I really miss Maddy. A lot."  

Every last bit of our Christmas shopping is done and I need to make desserts tonight for the pitchins that we're going to but otherwise I'm done.  I've done everything I needed to do.  We're heading down tomorrow night after work, but she'll be in bed by the time we get in town...so 2 more days.  

There really was no point to this post, I just needed to get it out, lol. 

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Re: Missing my girl

  • Aw, I bet that's tough!  I'm glad that you'll get to see her soon!
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  • If you're bored you can do my Christmas shopping! :)  Just kidding.  It's tough to be away from them for so long.  When we to Cabo last month the travel day home was the longest day in history because I couldn't wait to get home and give E a big hug and kiss.

    I hope these 2 days go by quickly for you!

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  • aww...not sure I could go a week with out my Clark.  Maybe a weekend but not a whole week.  
  • I'm sure that is hard.  It's not too much longer until you get to see her again though!  That's got to be exciting!

    I felt the same way when we left Mady for a week with our moms when we went on vacation to Mexico last summer.  It was really hard.  It's worth it in the end though.  Hopefully you and your DH got some time together!

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