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Skin of my teeth!

I had one of those promo codes for a free 8x8 Shutterfly photo book, but it expired tonight at midnight.  Yes, I totally hit the PLACE ORDER button at 11:58.  NO JOKE.

I feel like I just turned in a final exam or something!  It was SUCH an ordeal!  Today I discovered that all of Elliott's birth photos were corrupted, and so it took hours to re-find and re-save those.  Plus everythign took hours to upload.   I ended up doing 40 pages of Jonah's first two years, and let me tell you, I crammed two years in and got my money's worth.  Maybe 200-250 pics? 

At the very end, I thought I was going to miss the deadline because my total was 29.95 or something crazy (I also ordered my Cmas cards at the same time, trying to get the free shipping for $30 deal).  I tried to go back to add one 4 x 6, but DOH, I had a prepaid package that made that free, so I sped back to order a single 5x7 but was getting alll kinds of warnings that it wouldn't print well at that size.  I DO NOT CARE JUST LET ME ORDER IT!  

I cannot wait until it arrives!  He's going to LOVE it.  

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