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School this Wednesday?

I didn't realize there wasn't going to be preschool on Wednesday.

Is this the same for everyone else?

Re: School this Wednesday?

  • My ds doesn't have school either on wed,just today and tomorrow,my niece who is in kindergarten has school for a 1/2 day on wed.
  • We don't have school at all this week. 
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  • Our daycare is open, but it closes at 4pm instead of 6pm.
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  • My daughter's school is closed for the entire week!  She's already doing her best at driving me nuts. ;)
  • Hmm, daycare/preschool is open but I think they close early.   I would prefer to keep them home but I have a 1.5 hr conference call in the morning, DH will be out with SIL and BIL in the morning and MIL has a cold so there really wouldn't be anyone to watch the kids.

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  • Our preschool and the public schools are closed all week.  I think the teachers have professional days today and tomorrow at public school, but the kids are out.  Museum School, gymnastics and Kindermusik are all off this week too.  It seems like everything shuts down this week in terms of the kids activities.  Luckily, my sitter is a senior in high school so she's off this week too.  She's coming over this afternoon so I can get some work done and then DH and I are going to dinner and the new Harry Potter movie.  We have a playdate tomorrow at the park (weather permitting) to let the kids run off some energy before they kill each other or me.
  • DS has no school Wednesday and than is off for the rest of the week.
  • No school at all this week for us either.
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  • My kids' preschool was usually closed on the Weds before Thanksgiving because our public schools have a 1/2 day.
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  • Ben doesn't go to preschool but I'm a teacher and all the schools are out Wed-Fri. 
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  • Just Monday & Tuesday this week for us.
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  • DD goes to pre-school M/W/F and she has school as normal this week.  Yes, even Friday! 
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