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It's probably too late now, because you're probably already at work, but Oprah's Favorite Things Part 2 is on today. Set your DVR!
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  • Sorry for butting in..but I think it is pretty cool I actually know of someone that got to be at this show.

    She wrote in a letter about her sister-in-law and was hand picked by Oprah to be there.  An associate from the Oprah show called and invited my friend and her SIL to the show.  The show was obviously taped earlier but she was sworn to secrecy about what she won.  The only person she was allowed to tell was her spouse.  I would be dying to tell everyone! :)

    I just think it is kind of cool to know someone real that gets to win cool things.  She did tell my friend that Oprah also pays all of the taxes on the prizes too so that the guests don't have to pay anything.


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  • damn!  i forgot again! i heard friday evening that the there was going to be a part 2 today. i was busy and forgot to set the dvr again.  and unfortunately, i can't set the dvr from my computer :(

    SPW -- how freakin' cool that you know someone who gets all of those fabulous goodies!

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