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Not thrilled about Christmas dresses -

Has anyone noticed a lot of the dresses this year are sweater dresses or a lot have shades of pink in them?  Nothing against those dresses - but I am trying to find one that has red/black/white (in any combo - or can just be 2 colors) because of the dress we have for my other DD.

For example, I was at Target and there were some cute dresses but they had a bright pink in them.  I  was hoping for a little more traditional. 

BTW - this is solely for the purpose of a Christmas photo.. otherwise I could care less!

Re: Not thrilled about Christmas dresses -

  • I actually found DD #1's dress @ Target and it's black and red.  DD #2's dress is black and cream.  I found that one on the clearance rack for $10 at The Children's Place.  I normally LOVE the black, pink, and gray dresses around Christmas, but this year I bought their dresses early (back in the beginning of Nov.) and they didn't have any of the other colors out I went traditional.  I would check some of the department stores.  They seem to have more traditional dresses than the modern ones (stores like Shopko, Boston Store, Kohls, JCPenny).

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  • We're reusing Em's dresses for Kate this year, so I also wanted to try to find dresses to match them.

    I got these two from Gap:



    Also, I don't know if you have a Hartstrings store near you, but I always have good luck finding traditional Christmas dresses there. This year I also got the girls matching red and black plaid jumpers. The website ( has some dresses but the ones I bought aren't listed, probably because our store is an outlet.

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  • I got DD a cute traditional one at Kohls, it has a long sleeved black velvet on top with a red plaid skirt (Christmas plaid).  Looks really cute on her and doesn't make her look like she's 13.  She's 3, I hate all the short/grown up looking ones for little girls.  They had some of the short ones at Kohls, but at least a few nice ones.

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  • We got ours at JcPenney. The "Cinderella" brand dresses(like dd1 is wearing) are especially gorgeous in person. I got dd2's to coordinate. Turned out it didn't matter though cuz they wouldn't pose for a picture together!
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  • Hanna Andersson has some super cute dresses in red and/or black. We'll probably end up getting the girls' dresses there or at Gap. I haven't seen much at Target that I like this season.  


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  • We ended up using this dress from Hanna Anderson.  They had a really great sale earlier this month.  It is a heavy knit but I thought it turned out very cute.  I had a hard time finding a dress this year.  I really wanted black/grey tones and a lot seemed to be like you said pink or brown tones.


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  • Nope, the only thing I've noticed is that they seem to be the really cheap, trashy material lately.

    Ditto on the Cinderella dresses (so pretty), but I found the same one from JCP at our Burlington for 1/3 of the price!  They had a lot of Christmas red, green, gold, and silver, as well as a few white and black ones.

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