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Photo progress and some ?s. PIP

Had an impromptu photo session with E this afternoon, plus took Cmas pics with both boys.  I will say that I am soooo much better than I used to be (say, last week, lol), but I do realize I have a long way to go.  I got some really good (for me) shots of E, and some pretty decent shots of the boys, although the light was leaving us, and neither wanted to sit still.  Here is a sample of what I captured today:


Here are my questions:

Where online should I store these babies so that I can share them easily?  Surely there is something better than Shutterfly.

What are the best places you have found for getting prints developed?  BIL uses mpix, but I thought I'd poll you guys.  

How do you store your files?  External Hard Drive?  How big?

Thanks bunches.  I'm having so much fun and can't wait to capture my kiddos more elegantly!

Re: Photo progress and some ?s. PIP

  • Cute pic!!

    I have no suggestions, but I'm glad you asked because I need recs for all of the above as well.

  • Aww, that's adorable!  I store my pictures on Picasa web albums.  My family can then print them from several different sources if they want--from there.  I've heard mpix is good, but I honestly don't print much.  Roberts here in town does a great job, but I mostly print at Costco. 

    I store my files on an external, but we are in the process of backing up to an online site as well.  We have way too many pictures and the external is full (sorry, don't know how big it is). 

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  • I'm really quite unorganized with my photos. We have an external hard drive that I backup with photos about once a month. Right now I don't really share *all* of my photos online but save them on the computer. I used to do a Shutterfly share site for the family but I got tired of uploading them all, all the time. Plus I always do FB as a default and get too lazy to upload them elsewhere.

    Some people use flickr but you have to pay after a certain amount. There's also SmugMug which I've heard good things about, but it's a pay site. I like Picasa but have never tried their web albums, sounds like a good idea, though. 

  • cute!!!!

    I love flickr personally. 

    I like mpix or usually use Costco for price and quality. 

    I store files on my cpu, back-up to flickr and an external hard drive. I shoot RAW and back-up and save RAW and full size jpegs (hello storage space).  

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