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educate me on ear infections

I'm thisclose to going to urgent care anyway, because my throat has gotten worse and I have other symptoms too - but now I think Ella might have an ear infection.

She's never had one before, so I'm pretty much clueless what her signs would be.

She's had a cold for several days, I think (I just saw her for the first time in almost a week, and I can't get a hold of Brian to ask). And she woke up several times last night, which is rare for her nowadays.

The weirdest thing, though, is that she. will. not. nap. Normally on a Sunday she goes does super easy any time between 9 and 10. I've now tried three times and she just screams when I put her down.

Worth checking out, yes? ETA - she doesn't really have a temp. 100 at the highest, yesterday.

I hate urgent care.

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Re: educate me on ear infections

  • Andrew never had any symptoms with his - he doesn't wake up, he doesn't have a fever, nothing, except major fuss.  LIke he does not want to eat, drank 2 oz all day, resists laying down (but okay once down), but better with motrin. Sometimes he's symptoms have been less obvious, with just crying easier (like if he were to fall), and subtle clues like that. It depends on how bad it is.

    We had a clue when we had some of the numbing ear drops and he layed down with a smile w/ those.

    It never hurts to check. I'm so glad we finally did.

    If she isn't THAT bad, I might hold off tomorrow to see the regular pedi (urgent care is so $$$ for us right now), but if she seems really uncomfortable I'd take her now!

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  • Lucy never had any symptoms of just an ear infection. She got the ear infection when we took her the doctor for pink eye. The doctor checked out her ears and said she had an ear infection. I agree though, if you can hold off until tomorrow, do it because urgent care is so expensive!
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  • well i'm here anyway - we can both be seen at once rather than me take more time off work. it's only a $20 copay whether it's here or the doc so cost isnt the issue...they're just so  effing slow. 
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  • yeah, then i'd take her too. We used to have a $20 copay on my insurance and we got ear checks there a lot.  For some reason ears always get bad on weekends :-)

    Now with Ryan's insurance it's really expensive. Ours is really fast though!

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  • Sounds a lot like Isabella with her ear infection.  I'd have it checked.  

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  • You just described Luke when he has one.  No fever, usually sometime after a cold, and the biggest thing is that his sleeping is all of of whack.  He cries when he lays down flat, wakes up several times overnight, and forget about naps.  He's such a great sleeper, that when it starts waking up overnight I take him in. 

    Hope she starts feeling better soon!

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  • When Evan has an ear infection, his appetite is poor, he sleeps like crap, and is more whiny.  He almost always had it after a bad cold.  He didn't always have a fever.  We elevate his head of the bed, and that seems to help.  I would probably take her in to be seen.  Hugs to Ella!
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