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nap too close to bed time?

Ella went down for a late nap - she's clearly not feeling well: sniffles, slight temp, etc.

She's been sleeping for about an hour and a half, and we're now just over an hour until her regular bed time.

Wake her, or let her sleep?

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Re: nap too close to bed time?

  • Same thing happened to us today.  Mady woke up at 6 and usually goes down by 7:30.  I think we're just going to put her to bed a little later.

    Hopefully she sleeps well tonight!

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  • Well, knock on wood...I delayed bedtime by only 20 minutes and so far (10 minutes in) she hasn't made a peep.

    Let's hope both Mady and Ella sleep well for their mamas tonight!

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