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Chicken Pox Vaccine

Rowan got this vaccine last week. Yesterday he started to develop some spots by where he got the shot. This morning the spots are much bigger. I know one of the side effects is that they can get "pox" around the injection site but has anyone else ever experienced this? It seems weird it'd wait this long to show up, too.

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  • We didn't have any side effects :/ sorry
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  • We didn't get them but since i've never had chicken pox they warned me to watch out and NOT touch any spots for the next few weeks.


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  • Just read online that it's not contagious and could be a "mild" form of it. 

    Also just FYI Mandy, not to freak you out, but I had a good friend who was pregnant and never had chicken pox. She ended up getting it (she thinks from a McDonald's...the only time she was in contact with children) and she miscarried. It's very dangerous to not have had it or had a vaccine as an adult.  

  • Thanks - the doctors keep nagging me, as does my mom.(to go get vaccinated) I really have to just get it done.Tongue Tied



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