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Update on DD's gymnastics

She definitely liked her class - it was great because there were 2 teachers, so they kept the kids engaged well (instead a lot of wait times).

The leotard - was a complete fail!  Apparently I need a biketard - the leotard with the shorts built in.  DD had a wedgie, and then she basically managed to pull her underwear down out the sides of the leg holes so bad that I could see her leg over the TOP of the underwear waistband.  I fixed it numerous times but it was obvious it was hopeless!!

So, lesson learned, I will be purchasing a new outfit for her tomorrow!

Re: Update on DD's gymnastics

  • lol at least she had fun! We prefer the biketards too. They look more comfortable to me

    You guys are lucky getting two teachers! Both my dd's classes just have one & it would be so nice to have two there just to give the kids more one on one time. Have fun shopping.

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