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Postpartum Depression

PPD 10 months after?

I had my first child in January she is 10 months now but for the past couple months I've felt overwhelmed with everything: daycare, her well being, guilt that I can't stay home with her and stress from work. My daughter is perfectly healthy but I worry too frequently about something going wrong.

I think of things going wrong now (a serious fall or injury) and down the road (autism, cancer, kidnappings). I passed these things off as first time mom nervousness and the fact that I've always been a worrywart but now I feel as though they're affecting my inability to focus on work or trust my daycare, which she's been at since she was 4 months and has been a happy baby ever since. 

As she's learned to pull herself up to stand I worry about her falling and having a serious injury at daycare that would require stitches. Or I worry if she's been getting enough activity or attention if she sucks her thumb more than I think is normal when she comes home.

I feel like these are irrational thoughts to have and sometimes it overwhelms me to the point where I feel the need to drive to her center to make sure she's OK. Then sometimes on Sunday night and Monday morning as the weekend ends I feel upset about returning to work and not getting to be with her to the extent where I don't play with her as much and let my husband do most the caring for her and I can't find the enthusiasm or energy to do tasks or have fun.

I love motherhood, and I love my daughter more than anything but sometimes I feel I can't enjoy my daughter because I simply worry about everything. But I feel confused as to whether this would be PPD when my daughter is now 10 months?

Re: PPD 10 months after?

  • It can be PPD. I'm not saying it is, but 10 month postpartum isn't too late. Up to a year postpartum your body and hormones are going through major adjustments.

    And regardless of whether it is PPD or just general anxiety, the fact that these issues are causing you to lose focus, not be able to do things you enjoy, lose trust in the people around you, that is a problem. I would really suggest you talk to a Dr. or therapist. I really think it can help .

    :::Hugs:: Being a working Mom is the hardest job in the world. 

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