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Postpartum Depression

So thankful for this board

I just wanted to let everyone know that I posted a few days ago about needing support . It took me awhile to realize I had a problem but once I did I got on this board and realized I was not alone. I made an appointment with my OB who prescribed me Zoloft . I also started talking to all of my family and friends and have started to realize that way more people that I thought have gone through this. I am still scared and I am still not feeling myself but I know I am not alone and I know I am going to get better. It is so nice to be able to read about other people who are going through the same thing. Thank you everyone for having the courage to post and be honest about how they are feeling :)
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Re: So thankful for this board

  • (((Hugs))) I'm glad you found us and got help. Keep up with the Zoloft and talk! Talking can be such a great way to help not just yourself but others as well as I'm sure you've noticed. Thank you for coming back to the board, your courage to speak up is amazing as well.
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