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I saw your confessions post.

I just wanted to you know I feel the same way.   I feel awful most days that I am counting on someone else to take care of Evie.  I get so much anxiety on Fridays knowing the weekend is coming.  

Don't feel bad we are doing the best we can.  Evie is always happy to go to DC and is always happy when I pick her up.  I think (whether or not it's true who knows) she enjoys playing with her friends and she doesn't know I'm home all day.  As far as she knows I am where I always am.  I tell myself that had we not had Nora, she would still be going to DC everyday and I'd be at work.

Cut yourself some slack, you are a great mom and you're doing what's best for your family.  Just know you aren't alone in the feelings of guilt and anxiety.


Re: ::Manda429::

  • thanks--- you are so sweet to post this and I really appreciate it.  You are right- if we didn't have Lauren, then it would be the same for Jake.  I also tell myself it's nice for Lauren to get my full attention for the first three months like Jake did.

    please take careof yourself!!  i thought of your post yesterday as I was scarfing down my breakfast before Lauren got fussy!

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