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Let's talk transition to sippys

Like ballugirls' post below, we're also working on transitioning to sippy cups.  My question may be dumb, but I'm clueless...

Right now, Sam takes his bottle/nursing separate from meals.  ~around an hour before a meal.  We give him a sippy of water with meals. 

Do I need to be dropping the separate bottle time, and just give him a sippy of milk with meals?  I'm confused as to when toddlers go to 3 meals a day with snacks.  


Re: Let's talk transition to sippys

  • I have no idea b/c we sucked at it, but, good luck! I think Sam will do great!
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  • I think daycare is going to help me with this :).  I've noticed they have started giving her sippies of whatever is in her bottle close to her snack and lunch time.  Of course if she is "starving" in between there they might give her a bottle but I think they have been transitioning her.

    Now at home I'm still nursing once or twice in the  morning and once or twice in the evenings and then I've been offering just a couple of ounces of whole milk with breakfast and dinner, just to get her used to it.  I probably should be more structured when she is at home and maybe not be as much as on demand to get her transitioned, but I guess I'm also of the thought there is nothing that says that babies have to be completely on whole milk at 1 if they are still nursing.

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  • I think I'm still going to keep the separate "milk" times and see how that goes and then eventually it may go to meals time but I thought I read or was told that you dont want to do milk with meals because milk will fill their tummy up before the food....plus Clark still spits up so I like to keep it separate!! 

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