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:A few AWs:

1. My little man turns 1 year old tomorrow!!!  How is that possible??!!

2. I have officially breast-fed for 1 year.  We are down to 2 nursing sessions a day, but he gets breastmilk bottles for the other times.  My original goal was to make it to 6 months, and I'm pretty pumped that I made it to a year.

3. I officially donated 2580 ounces of breast milk to the Indiana Mother's Milk bank over the coarse of 12 months, and still have milk left in the freezer to get us through cold and flu season.  I think that contribution might make me the most proud of anything I have ever done.  (childbirth excluded)

4. NBR: we refinanced our house, and not only will we save $180/month on our mortgage, but we get to miss the December payment due to the closing date.  WOOT!

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