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Haircut Confession

I am ashamed to say that I have not gotten my hair cut in almost 9 months.  Not even trimmed.  My hair has gotten long and out of control and I hate to say it but also is getting gray.  Crying

I am getting it highlighted and cut in 40 minutes and I am beyond excited.   However, I also wish it had some kind of style to it.  I am ready to go from FRUMPY to FABULOUS.   :)  Well a girl can dream, can't she.  LOL

Re: Haircut Confession

  • Mine hasn't been cut since I think April :) so you're not alone! 

    I think I'm going soon too and getting it shorter. I've always said I didn't want the mom cut (i.e. really short) but it' seems like it'd be soooo much easier. 

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  • I made a pack with myself. I cut my hair late last year right before our son was born. I promised myself I would only cut it once a year for the next few years in an attempt to get the mid-back length I really want  (not to mention DH!!). So I cut it last Thanksgiving and didn't touch it until a few weeks ago. I made it through the first year of my goal!  LOL

    I take really good care of it so for me to go a year without a cut isn't too bad on my hair.


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  • I had a bad haircut several months ago and refuse to go back again until it grows out a little bit Smile

    However, every couple years I get the itch to cut it short, I chop it off and then spend a couple more years trying to grow it out.  Vicious cycle.

    I almost chopped it off again when I saw this picture, but I'm trying to resist....


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